We provide a full range of accounting services for our clients, which includes preparation of financial statements on an annual or periodic basis and analysis and discussion with clients of those trading results.   Accounting which looks forward and not just back is important and to that end we encourage clients to include us in the planning process with budget and cashflow estimates.

Accounting services also includes advice and setting up of appropriate software on our clients’ own computers and tuition in how best to use that software with on-going telephone support.  Our clients being able to review their own accurate data is an enormous help in managing their businesses.

We provide expert advice with planning for future tax events, whether it is associated with income tax, capital gains or GST.  The issues may relate to businesses, personal investments or superannuation.

We, of course, have a strong commitment to assisting our clients with annual income tax returns and quarterly or monthly BAS returns.

We assist our clients with selecting what type of software support they wish to maintain themselves, whether it is a simple system or a full accounting package.  If it is needed,  we  provide support with installation and setup of the system.  Help is always available if there is a problem with processing transactions or accessing reports.

Many of our clients use MYOB packages but other clients have chosen to have us update their transactions regularly using the support services of Banklink.  Banklink is a great option if you don’t want to use a computer package yourself and you don’t want to write up a manual cashbook but you do choose to have your records kept up to date so that you track your income and expenses throughout the year.

I want to go into business but I don’t know where to start !#@!
We recommend that your first step is getting good advice.  We will guide you through the process step by step so that you consider all the points which are important.  At the end of that process you can then take the step of going into business, knowing what is involved and that you have made informed choices in the process.