H E Lowe & Company is a firm of Chartered Accountants which was founded by Helen Lowe in 1991.  It has always been based in Oberon and has operated on a full-time basis in the town since its commencement.  We led the way in providing the district with local, full-time accounting and tax services.

We provide expert advice and service in all areas of tax and accounting for small to medium businesses and individuals.  Our client base of businesses is varied and ranges from manufacturers to primary producers, service providers and retailers.  Many of our clients are located in areas which are not based in Oberon.

Our approach to clients is that everyone is special and deserves personal service – it is not a question of size.  You will soon come to know each of us.  A feature which sets us aside from some other firms is our ability to communicate and interact with our clients.

(Prior to moving to Oberon, Helen had spent a number of years working with a large accounting firm in Sydney – she worked in their small business accounting and taxation division.  She also worked for a specialist insolvency firm for several years.)